I have heard that practice makes perfection, I am interested to improve my speech. I read a lot in English because I have to take some board exams and two of them are oral, besides I need to interact with people with the common or daily vocabulary. Although I attended speech, reading, grammar, listening courses of 6th level offered by a college in Miami and my GPA is 4.0, I am not satisfied with the outcomes. That is why I still seek for a better method which gives me a better preparation for my future challenges. I am a professional looking forward a medical license to practice in the US. I have found some websites which have helped me with the listening skill like listen and write, the VOA, but I have found nothing about speech. So, I would like to ask you what type of exercise do you think would help me to speak in longer sentences or more complicated structure?
Where can I get those exercises? I would like to ask something else, do you think the program "tell me more" is a good source to reach my goals?
Any suggestion or idea will be appreaciated. I am looking forward for your help.
Thanks in advance.