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    Question A question on reading comprehension.

    So I am really stuck on this comprehension question, can anyone help me out?
    The excerpt is:
    The Romans for centuries the masters of war and politics across Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia Minor – have often been criticized for producing few original thinkers outside the realm of politics. This criticism, while in many ways true, is not without its problems. It was, after all, the conquest of Greece that provided Rome with its greatest influx of educated subjects. Two of the great disasters in intellectual history – the murder of Archimedes and the burning of Alexandria’s Library – both occurred under Rome’s watch. Nevertheless, a city that was able to conquer so much of the known world could not have been devoid of the creativity that characterizes so many other ancient empires.

    The question:
    The author describes “two of the great disasters in intellectual history” in order to
    A. establish a point directly related to the criticism.
    B. show that certain historical claims are inaccurate.
    C. counter the charge of anti-intellectualism.
    D. demonstrate the importance of certain historical data.

    The correct answer is c but I do not understand why.
    I chose a and it still seems correct. A point about murder of intellectuals seems more like a criticism than a defence to me. Help?

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    Re: A question on reading comprehension.

    I agree with you. C makes no sense.

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