Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Governments should focus their budgets more on environmental protection than on economic development.

We are living in an age in which government plays significant role in diverse aspects of a country. Environment maintenance and economic enhancement are two important fields. Government should focus on these areas. Although economic problems may have great influences on a country, I hold the view that a government should spend more budgets on environment to improve mental and physical pats. Personally, I subscribe to this idea that government should have more attention on environmental preservation. In my point of view, environment has numerous effects on humanís life which consist of having healthier and happier life that are the most conspicuous ones.
First, without any shadow of doubt, healthy is one of the most important attributes that government should care about it and accomplish necessary proceedings to augmentation morality. One of these intransitive actions is consuming money on environment in order to preserve the existing areas and increment of new milieus such as parks, and green spaces, to name but a few. It helps to diminish pollutions. As a consequence, distinct types of disease will be eliminated. Therefore, many patients are going to recover.
Second, it is incontrovertible axiomatic that if surrounding of our neighborhood replete with natural places like jungles, and parks, it helps us to have the sense of relaxation by visiting several beautiful sites. With this in mind, we have more energy to do different affairs as our daily works, and occupations. So, government should have more tendencies to environmental conservation.
In a nutshell, with all this taken into account, I believe that caring about environmental activity is incumbent in every society in order to have healthy and happy people in terms of both physical and mental. In this regard, it provides some circumstances to prosper in other sections.