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    The meaning of disapproving

    Hello guys,

    When I check the dictionary for unfamiliar words, I come across given hints, which show the connotative use of the target word, i.e. formal, informal, archaic, etc. But, I sometimes run into "DISAPPROVING". This is an example from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:

     word origin

    disapproving )

    behaving towards other people as if you think you are better than they are


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    Re: The meaning of disapproving

    Welcome to, iguemmah!

    When I see a word marked with "disapproving", I think the word is used to show disapproval, whose meaning is on

    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: The meaning of disapproving

    I agree with Matthew- the word is being used to show that the speaker thinks negatively about this characteristic.

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