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    In your face (All comments are welcome)


    I once had a short argument with a friend about a subject. After I proved my point (which wasn't easy), I used the idiom "In your face". He got offended complaining that this idiom is not friendly and it's offending and an inappropriate thing to say to a friend.

    Would you say that "In your face" in such context is offending? Would u be upset if your heard it?

    All comments are welcome.

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    Re: In your face (All comments are welcome)

    I've never used it, or been the recipient of it. I don't think I'd like it.
    Here are some opinions from a few years back:

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    Re: In your face (All comments are welcome)

    I don't find it "offensive", a word which is bandied about far too much. However, I would agree that generally it's quite unfriendly and a little aggressive. It could be used light-heartedly between friends as long as the tone of voice is appropriate and the speaker has a smile on their face!
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