Hi people, I need your help to check my Letter of Motivation. I planned to take a master degree programme in Germany. So here we go,

Letter of Motivation

To be an expert in the field of Water Management especially in the construction of Hydropower plant has been the goal of my life. I am Bhakti Budiman Novanda and I have dedicated all of my effort to achieve that. More importantly, I hope I can make both of my parents and extended family proud of me. Now, I have my ambition sets on the necessary water engineering skills to manage and utilize the water resources in my country, Indonesia.

I was born in Baturaja (South Sumatera - Indonesia) on November 27, 1990. I assess myself by looking at the environment and friends around me. As I realize, that I have introvert characters. I am a well-motivated person, ambitious and sometimes obstinate. Moreover, I am a typical person who likes to listen to other peopleís opinions. And sometimes in a certain situation I can be very talkative, as an example, if I am in a group of people who have the same character as I am, I tend to be more active than others, and I proved it through a few presentations that I did when I was in college. I am the third child born in a family of four siblings. Both of my older sisters had assisted me throughout my life, and it is my turn to share my knowledge to my little brother. My father is a consultant who always works with his passion. As a father, he always teaches his daughters and sons to tackle all of the problems in this life. My mother had passed away of cancer a few years ago, but she became the greatest motivation in my life. I have taken much time to evaluate my own personality and thinking to my goals. Finally, I am very confident and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be successful by working in the field of water engineering to contribute the development of infrastructure in my country, Indonesia. In additional, I hope I can be a lecture and share my knowledge and experiences to the student who has the same ambitions as I am.

I am writing to apply for the _______ programme in _______ in which I am enormously interested. I graduated from a Double Degree Program which is a combination of Civil Engineering and Information System on October 2012 in Indonesia. I am currently studying English and Deutsch to improve my communication skills, which I think is important in this era of globalization. During my bachelorís degree study, for me, that was not easy to get my college degree. I had to face all kinds of obstacles, and at the end I eventually had to ask leave of absence in the 3rd semester due to very severe economic problems. At that time I really trained to be able to work hard, be patient and never give up easily. Thanks to my sisterís recommendation to her workplace (a company in the construction of hydroelectric power plant field) I got my first experience as a Field Executive in their Hydroelectric Power Plant project, such as social and technical experiences, like how to implement work methods well in the field, to deal with social inequalities that may occur, to communicate with new people and technical issues.

I, as a citizen of Indonesia, have a passion to assist the country to make a difference and I am very pleased to have found this ______ programme in ____. There are many goals that I want to achieve and I believe by joining this programme it will open up greater opportunities in the future to achieve my goals. One of my major goals is to work in a government institution, especially in the field of engineering, or to get a higher position in a company. I decided to take this programme, because I feel enthusiastic and motivated to work and learn about water or environmental engineering. Furthermore, it will also broaden my knowledge in the water construction techniques, waste treatment and water management. More importantly, it would be an honor for me to study in a country where most of the experts and geniuses are derived. In Indonesia I found the same programme in some famous universities, but as a curious scholar I prefer to take international programme in Germany, because it will wider my insight, change my mindset and create a new perspective of the outside world. I think it is time to learn something new, and _____ is the right choice for it. In addition, this programme offers a wide range of modules about water engineering.

I realize that I still have many shortcomings, but I feel confident to continue my study in ______ as I rate myself as a responsible person in every condition, and I feel capable enough to compete with others. Germany is the main destination country for me to continue my study. Germany has good public facilities, great technologies, unique culture, great people and other advantages. I have done some comparisons between Indonesia and Germany about tuition fees and living costs, the results were not much different and I feel good for it. I would like to spend a few years to study at ____ in ______programme. Someday, if I finish the programme I will apply the knowledge I have gained to my country and make a new breakthrough in dealing with problem in the field of water.

Thank you for considering my application; I look forward to your positive response.

Youíre sincerely
Bhakti Budiman Novanda S.T. S.Kom.