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    Post please check and fix my speaking!

    Part 1:
    1. What do you do when you catch a cold?
    Answer: when I had a cold, I go to drug store and buy some medicines. Then, I take it. After a good sleep, I become better. Sometime, I use a little herb to fell asleep.
    2. What do you do to stay healthy?
    Answer: Recently, sports are very popular, so we can choose a few sports to stay healthy such as football, badminton, tennisÖ Personally, I prefer to play badminton because I play badminton the best in all sports.
    3. Do you suffer from an allergy?
    Answer: Yes, when I suffer from an allergy, I feel uncomfortable with red spots. I canít go anywhere except my room and do anything that I want.
    4. Have you ever broken a bone?
    Answer: I never broken a bone before. However, my friend has broken after a terrible accident. He spend a month and a half month with broken leg which was enveloped by plaster cart.
    5. Who look after you when you are sick?
    Answer: When I was a child, my mother and my grandmother take care me, but after graduating high school I have to live far away my house. Thus, I have look after myself.
    6. What is a traditional remedy for a cold in your culture?
    Answer: In my country, we have a lot of method to treat for a cold. Personally, when I catch a cold, I will get some leaves of lemon, bambooÖ then I put it into the pot and boil. Finally, I will absorb the steam to the release the poison from my body.
    Part 2:
    Describer an illness you have had.
    Answer: One month ago, I went home under a tropical rain from my school and my body was soaking wet. As a results, I had a cold and I feel terrible, headache, uncomfortable. Then, I went to drug store to buy some medicines and take it. After a good sleep, I finally got better. Sometime, I use a little herb to fell asleep when I catch a cold.
    Part 3:
    Why do people smoke?
    Answer: nowadays, a number of people who smoked are popular. In my opinion, Iím going to suggest that four reasons why people smoke. Firstly, when people was young, they want to present that they became adult. Secondly, the cigarette in VietNam was cheap and polices of government did prohibit teenager to by tobacco and smoke. So when they was adult, it was become a habit that is difficult to give up. In the contrary, the last reason I shouldnít forget to mention is that people smoke in order to prevent the cold weather.

    1. Where is your hometown?
    Answer: My hometown is in Quang Nam province. Itís located in the middle of Viet Nam and about 800 kilometres north of Ho Chi Minh city. There is a famous place with Hoi An ancient town and My Son sanctuary.
    2. Is there anything you donít like about your hometown?
    Answer: I donít think much of anything that I donít like because when I graduated from primary school, I had to go to Dong Nai province with my family. But I think that finding a paid-well job is not easy in Quang Nam so I have lived in Dong Nai.
    3. Whatís the best thing about your hometown?
    Answer: Personally, Quang NamĎs citizen who live in Quang Nam are the best thing about my hometown because they are very kindness, friendly, honest. Most of people in Quang Nam are farmer so they are already make a favor when their neighbor need.
    4. Would you rather live in your hometown or another city?
    Answer: Quang Nam is difficult to find a good job. Therefore, I want to live in a big city to get a well-paid job and look for many promotion opportunities.
    1. Why are you study English?
    Answer: nowadays, most of materials are written by English so I have to learn English in order to have a large knowledge. Another reason I canít forget to mention that English is an international language which is important to communicate with foreigner.
    2. Why do you need IELTS?
    Answer: IELTS is a test that checks English level. Therefore, I want to know my English level to improve my English skill which help me in study materials, communication with foreigner. Likewise, if I have high score after doing IELTS exam, I can approach many scholarship to study abroad in other country.
    3. What do you find most difficult about learning a language?
    Answer: I donít think of the most difficult when learning a language. However, personally, Vocabulary is the most difficult thing when I study English. I canít remember more words and canít use it into my sentences. Sometimes, I have more idea but I canít express it.
    Part 2.
    1. Describer what crimes affect the area you live?
    Answer: In my country, most of crime are blue collar because they are homeless, uneducated and drug addicts. They canít find a job or maybe they are lazy so they are easy to become murderers, thieves, robberiesÖ When someone is aware, criminal will pay attention and attack them if the criminal have opportunity. Thus, everybody feels worry when going to school or going to work. In addition, criminal always put the fear of God into everybody.
    Part 3.
    2. Could you compare blue to white-collar crime?
    Answer: In my opinion, I think two things are difference between blue and white-collar crime. While blue-collar is caused by homeless, drug addicts, uneducated, white-collar is caused by people who have wide knowledge and good job. Actions of blue-collar are violent, unsophisticated and easy to detect. In contract, there are non-violent, sophisticated and difficult to detect.

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    Re: please check and fix my speaking!

    Welcome to the forums, ph0123. What is this for?

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    Re: please check and fix my speaking!

    Quote Originally Posted by bhaisahab View Post
    Welcome to the forums, ph0123. What is this for?
    thank alot. I study IELTS. However, I have started about 1 month. this is my speaking with question. I want everybody check correct or not and how to fix it.
    help me please.

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