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    phrasal verb

    What is the difference between "cut out something" and "cut something out"? I read the examples in idiom part but I am still vague about how to use them. There are many phrasal verbs which have those same structures. Are there any rules to use them exactly?
    I checked my post and corrected it the way it should be. I have always tried to follow the rules, however, I tend to be forgetful at times. I will try to fix that.
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    Re: phrasal verb

    Click here to read emsr2d2's rules of written English in post #4, which you have made little attempt to follow.

    We are not going to correct your mistakes for you every time.

    Click on Edit Post, make the necessary corrections to your text, and click Save.

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    Re: phrasal verb

    No, there aren't any rules- learning whether a phrasal verb is separable or inseparable is a dictionary issue, I'm afraid.

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