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    Cool Teachers...teachers...


    I would like to know if the word "exhausted" can be replaced with the words: gruelling,spent,apathetic in this sentence

    "I feel exhausted!"

    Can I say..?

    - I feel gruelling/spent/apathetic!

    the same happens with this sentence:

    "Without sufficient rest..."

    can i replace the word sufficient with severe,acceptable,minimal?

    I would like to know why.

    Thanks for helping!!

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    Re: Teachers...teachers...

    Hello Ana

    No, you can't replace "exhausted" with "gruelling", in that sentence: the thing that makes you "exhausted" is "gruelling".

    (Thus you might feel "exhausted" after a "gruelling" run.)

    "Without sufficient rest" means "without enough rest".

    "Without severe rest" and "without acceptable rest" are quite unlikely combinations: they wouldn't be understood to mean the same as "without sufficient rest".

    "Without minimal rest" might suggest "without the minimum amount of rest that is required". But again, it's a very unlikely combination!


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