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    unwanted fish and other animals

    Does this "unwanted" fish make sense here? Who doesn't want what or who? People don't want fish?
    37)For centuries, people looked to the oceans as an unlimited source of food supply. ( ① ) Though, 76 percent of the world’s fisheries have recently suffered from thoughtless exploitation and over­fishing. Each year billions of unwantedfish and other animals die from these inefficient, illegal, and destructive fishing practices. How can we save such precious resources? (

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    Re: unwanted fish and other animals

    I would think it refers to species of fish that people don't want to eat.

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    Re: unwanted fish and other animals

    Please note I'm not a teacher nor a native speaker,

    Even though it's not stated in that short passage, I think it is much broader sense than what bhaisahab just said. Generally speaking you answered your own question, people don't want that fish or animal; for whatever reason which is not clearly stated. Edibility might be one of them, legal issue might be another, as well as profitability and so on.


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