Good morning,

First of all, thank you very much for your help! I am Italian and I am applying for a master's degree in Germany. if you could also tell me what you think about the letter in general it would be amazing. I am not sure of the topics that I have touched...

Look forward to your revision, thank you.

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is XXX and I am writing to you to express my interest in applying for master program of XXX at the XXX, scheduled to start in October 2014. I appreciate this opportunity and I would like to provide further information about myself and my motivations.

In high school I graduated with economics and languages as major subjects and I have recently completed my bachelor in Intercultural Communication at the XXX. Before choosing my bachelor I was very hesitant because my other big option was marketing and I have always showed interest in that field. The reason why I choose Intercultural Communication instead of Marketing is because the first one gave me the opportunity to study Chinese language and that was one of the main requirements my course should have had.

During my time at the XXX I have gained a strong academic background in the fields of communication, media & new media, and psychology. While choosing the topic of my thesis I decided to choose the only supervisor of my course that could handle a marketing subject and my work came out as: Milan as a Brand, the different approaches of territorial marketing for the city of EXPO 2015.

The first time I realized my passion for marketing was many years ago when I did not even know what marketing was. I have always been fascinated by the world market and by how the many different companies were able to show their products and attract customers. When I was little I would check all the products around me and counting for instance how many people of my school had a certain brand of shoes instead of another. This kind of attitude toward the markets and the brands kept growing on me ever since then so that while choosing my bachelor I really wanted to be able to gain as much as communication skills as possible.

What truly believe is essential nowadays is the ability to open the markets as much as possible and I was able to learn as much as possible on this topic by living abroad for a long time and in different countries, but also by concentrating my studies in learning Chinese language and culture. This last one in particular gave me the opportunity to open my mind and accept but especially understand what different people want and need.

I first started travelling when I was 17, I was a bit older than the normal age for starting travelling but ever since then I have never stopped. I spent the year 2008/2009 in a Shelby, NC thanks to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and I had been hosted by three American host families and been enrolled as a full time student at Shelby High School. As soon as I got back to Italy I just could not stop thinking of where else to go, but first I had to graduate from XXX in Milan with a business studies and language diploma. During the fall in 2010 I started my bachelor and thanks to that one I had the opportunity to travel again. I was studying Chinese language so I decided to go to China alone and spend my summer there while studying at XXX in Beijing. Also this time I have been hosted by a host family and it had been amazing.
My last “long time abroad” was in Taipei, Taiwan. Also this time I left completely alone and I had been hosted by a host family for three months between the year 2013 and the year 2014.

I have explained all my long periods abroad alone because I truly believe that those are the most important part of my background. Thanks to all of these experiences I have gained a certain kind of “savoir faire” that gives me the skills that I need at the right time, no matter what. On the other hand, it is also important to consider that in order to be successful in the marketing field you have to be able to give the people what they what and what they need. Well, I have faith in the fact that by travelling so much, for so long, living in other’s families homes and with their rules, and meeting as much foreign people as possible I own the skill of giving people what they want or at least making them believe that it is so.

I consider myself an ambitious, focused and socially orientated person, as demonstrated with my intercultural curriculum. In the future I see myself with a leading role in the field of marketing and communication in a well know company. I believe in my abilities and in the strength that always helped me achieving my goals.

I understand that my previous academic career is nor the best one in order to apply for a master in marketing but I also have faith in the fact that it will not be the only requirement considered and that you will give me the opportunity to reach my horizons by evaluating me as a suitable candidate for the XXX master program at your university.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,