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    Complex Phrase - tree diagram

    I'm stuggling with this sentence. We have to 1) analyse it in terms of clauses (determine type and function), 2) analyse all the complex phrases in terms of phrase elements (tree diagram) and 3) analyse it in terms of phrases and sentence elements. My sentence is:
    ''At the beginning of the movie, which was very scary, all the children watching were particulary afraid of the images of the zombies from NYC.''
    I'm stuck at #2. Is ''at the beginning of the movie, which was very scary'' a noun phrase or a prepositional phrase? Also, is this the correct way to deal with the second part of the sentence? ''all the children'' = NP ''watching'' = VP

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    Re: Complex Phrase - tree diagram

    As far as I know

    at the beginning of the movie: adverb phrase
    which was very scary: clause
    all the children = NP: I agree.
    watching = VP : I disagree because it's a word not a phrase.

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