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    Please help me in my writing. I am a new member. I am trying to improve my writing.

    The politicians who are corrupt inherently have been ruling Bangladesh since its independence. The democratic system of governance is not suitable for Bangladesh. The country does not have the strong and solid political and democratic cultures that are the essential elements of establishing a successful democratic society. We, the countrymen, have been suffering from political unrests, corruptions, and financial difficulties because of the premature implementation of the democratic system in the country.

    According to the countryís constitution, there is an election in every five years to form a government. The ruling party of the country is usually unwilling to give up power for the sake of free and fair elections. The political institutions of the country are used to manipulate the elections in favor of the ruling party. As a result of this power grabbing intention , the opposition party starts agitation against the ruling party and tries to paralyze the country economically. The general public suffers most about the tug of war between the ruling and opposition party.

    Due to the premature nature of the democratic system, the ruling elites take advantage of the situation. The ruling party leaders and activists receive most of the government contracts and bids, without any competition. The reckless behavior and attitude of the ruling party leadership creates a political economic class that considers politics as a profession . The country engulfs in rampant corruptions because the political affiliation with the ruling party gives the leaders and activists an economic and financial security without working or producing any economic object. The ruling party members are above the law. They could commit any heinous crime and get away with it.

    The opposition party always tries to topple the ruling party through demonstrations and country wide blockade, which are very costly for the economy. The strategy that the opposition party uses is to maximize the financial distress on the general public in order to turn the general public against the ruling government.

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    Re: Please help me in my writing. I am a new member. I am trying to improve my writin

    Welcome to the forum.

    What is the purpose of your essay? When will you submit it to your teacher to be marked?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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