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    Some people prefer to read; others would rather listen

    I am of the personal believe that practice hard has far more advantages than listen and read, and there are several reasons for such a statement which I shall be elaborated on bellow. is the best method for learning.
    I believe that one learn better. This I suppose can be best illustrated by driving a car. I never learn to drive by listen to my teacher or read a book. I learn it by drive a car in the streets and highways. Whatsmore, it has been said that it is more fun, and I can not but agree with such a statement. A typical case example in this regards is that when I was a child, I did not know how to ride a bike. My father bought me a bike and took me in the yard of our home and helped to ride the bike. It was an exciting lesson which I learnt. Another point to consider is that it remains for many years. For instance, when I went to university in California, my professor in English class always asked students to write an essay in order to improve their writing skill since he believed that only listened to his instructions was not useful.
    However, I can also see the merits of read. First of all, I believe that it helps students to get a lot of information, as in the case of when I read a recipe of a cake, I can see the amounts of ingredients with details. In addition, I believe that it helps students to improve imagination. This can be best seen in when I read a novel, I imagined the characteristics of actors and actress in my mind.
    It is based on the aformentioned arguments that I would like to re iterate I believe practice hard has far merits than read or listen.

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    Re: Some people prefer to read; others would rather listen

    Do you have a question for us?
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