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    The most important characteristic a student

    I am of the personal believe that the most important characteristic a student should possess is intelligence, and such a belief is based on the reasons elaborated on below.
    Basically, I believe that students learn better than other classmates. This I suppose can be best illustrated by when I went to school in New York, my classmate was an intelligent student in our mathematics class. She answered the questions which our teacher asked faster than others. Whatsmore, it has been said that intelligence students make decisions better than others, and I can not but agree with such a statement, for instance, when I went to university in California, my professor in the seminar class asked students to select a topic about artificial intelligence and studied in a group. I could not make a good decision that which topic is better while our competitor group selected an easy subject quickly and presented it fluently. In addition, I suppose one can say that intelligence students achieve goals very fast, as in the case of Albert Einstein was an intelligence student in his physics class and offered relativity theory in adulthood. Another point to consider is that intelligence students are successful people in the world. For example,
    Newton, Hitler, Gandy were intelligent in childhood and became successful people when they got adult. Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that intelligence students enjoy tasks because they are related to their purposes.
    In conclusion, and on the basis of the aformentioned arguments I would like to reiterate that I believe the most important characteristic a student should possess is intelligence.

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    Re: The most important characteristic a student

    Do you have a question for us?

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