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    Motivational letter for Dutch Universities


    My name is Giorgio
    I am an italian student and i am applying for the Bachelor medicine program in Leiden.
    It's the first time that i do such thing so i really need your help for this.
    Any advice or correction will be good accepted

    Thank you in advance, her's the letter..


    Dear Admission Office

    My name is Giorgio,
    I am an Italian student ,and I am writing to express my interest in applying for the Bachelor medicine program of 2014/15 fall term.

    After my graduation at the scientific Liceo I decided to apply for thestudy of medicine.
    Iam interested in biology and human physiology since at the science lessons at the middle school. This interestet evolved into a passionin the third class of secondary school when casually I started reading a medical online magazine called '360 medicine'.
    During this year I challenge a very hard period of exams here in Ferrara,but this only enrich my ardor for this fascinating, wide field. I countinue carry on my knowledge of the matter reading specialized magazines, like 'the pain center manual', and books like 'Io sono la mia memoria' by Davide Schiffer.
    Despite this, before the last year of secondary school I was completely anaware about the hard work to do for achieve an important objective.
    I begin to think differently.
    I started to tie my schedule thoroughly, in order to be more efficient regarding study matters. Then I obtain a scholarship that allowed me to pay the University fee and continue my study's. Infact I am paying the enrollment fee by my own.
    My current skills may not seem to be the best but I really want to prove myself and I think that more is the thing difficult than more I will like it.
    I have passed this year, during my high school education in Ferrara,trying to discover myself. While this past year I have found that I feel confident when I am interacting and helping people.
    As a matter of fact, set forth to become an active member of the Rotaract, a subdivision of the international Rotary club supported also by the University of Ferrara. Another reason why I would enjoy studyind in Leiden is my ability to finally manage my own life and responsabilities. In addition, I would acquire new skills and improve past ones in a different country. I think that this opportunity is the starting point to secure new connections in a different country.I would also be able to increase my own international knowledge. I pride myself on my international mindset. I speak frequently with my cousin who lives in San Francisco, California.
    Another personal passion that I have is language, especially English.
    I decided to expand my English comprehension by taking the IELTS certification at least 7.0. I hope to continue my English studies inUniversity. My purpose if I can achieve the enrollment is to do the best for carry on my studies in Medicine, respecting the deadline and take the Ducht lenguage certification as soon aspossible.
    I like very much your program of Master degree, especially Neuroscience, so wide also for Phd.
    I am doing this subscription by my own because only in this way I can truly see if I am capable to.
    Looking through the university sistem in Holland, I was surprised to notice how well organized and open is, I personally fall in love with your city, so similar to Venice, my favorite Italian city for instance.Also I played Rugby for 6 years by now, so I know what discipline and team work means.
    In conclusion, I am positive that your university can provide me the finest instruments to take forward my medicine education, enrich my knowledge of the lenguage, teach me how to work with high skilled environments, to finally put all my abilities to provide new discover to science.

    Thank you for listening

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