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    Question synchronised brain waves?????

    this is about how to write curriculum vitae.

    your CV is all about packaging. if you can't sell yourself, how will you be able to promote the company you are working for?

    here what does it mean by promote the company????

    another question is about sleeping disorder.
    ... as you relax your brain gradually slows down and after about fifteen minutes your brain waves become synchronised. what does the underlined part mean?

    i am looking forward to seeing your answers. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: synchronised brain waves?????

    1- Make people see the comany in a positive way- if you can't sell yourself, you can't sell the products.
    2- I'm guessing here, but if they become synchronised, then there must be more than one wave. Presumably, if you have sleeping disorder, the waves are not moving at the same rate and this causes the problem, possibly by exaggerating the activity in the brain.

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