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    I'm a Spanish English teacher.
    I've got some doubts with the use of the prepositions "in" and "on" in the following expressions:
    Is it correct to say "In the outskirts" or "On the outskirts"?
    When do we use "in the corner" and when "on the corner"?
    When do we say "city" and "town"?

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    • on the outskirts
    Say in the corner when talking about a room. Say on the corner when talking about a street where two sidewalks meet. :wink:

    Whether a community is a city or a town generally depends on its size. If a town is over 100,000 in population it is a city. If it is under 10,000 in population it is a town.

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    'On the outskirts' but 'in the suburbs'.

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