It was last year summer, I was 16 years old and me and my family were thinking of where to go celebrate and have fun that summer but we were thinking of going to two places to go during the summer period. It came to pass we picked out two places called Wisconsin dells and Disney world. Those are the two places kid love to go so we went there and they are differences between this two places and similarities.
Wisconsin dells is a water park one of the biggest water parks in America and it has different parks to choose from not including the indoors park. There is a ride called the hurricane family raft itís to die for and must be on your ride list. Wisconsin has a place in it called the ĎíMt Olympus itís a perfect place to cooloff from the summer scorching rays it also as 44 zigzag waterslides, surf pools. I wish I could stay there much longer but we have to move so as to see the other place we booked for called the Disney world.
So after we spent four to five days in Wisconsin dells we were on our way to Disney world a place where every child dreams to go but my dream came through so I was there. In Disney world they were parks and waterslides but I wasnít there for that I was there to see the beauty of the place meet people like mickey mouse, Cinderella, goofy and many more and also take picture with them. When I was in Disney world I had much fun than when I was in Wisconsin dells because they have differences and similarities but in Disney it was way too much different from Wisconsin. And the am going to talk about them.
The differences between Wisconsin dells and Disney world are; Wisconsin dells has only water parks and pools they donít have entertainment like Disney world but Disney world has entertainment and you get to eat whatever you want but Wisconsin dells is just a park you bring your own foods or snacks you are going to eat there so donít expect anything like that from Wisconsin dells.
Also they both have similarities in them such as waterparks, surf pools, zigzag water slides and so many more but to me they are two different places and somehow similar because they are both made for fun during summer period but if I am asked where I had fun the most I will surely go with Disney world.