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Thread: Difference

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    Question Difference

    My question is about "although" and "however" .
    I don't know exactly the differene between these words and the use of them in a sentence .
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Difference

    'Although' connects two parts of a sentence:
    Although it was cold, he only wore a T-shirt.
    'However' connects two sentences:
    He worked hard for the exam. However, he didn't do very well.

  3. matilda

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    (although) is used whenever you say and want to say else in comparison with that thing.
    Although you have been in London, you haven't seen BigBen.

    but (however) is used not used in that way, and means (in whatever manner or way that ... or regardless of how. eg~ his first response was to say no. However, he changed his mind.

    Hope that helps


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