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    Help writing a fine appeal

    Recently i had recieved a fine for travelling on a train without a ticket. i have wrote up an appeal letter myself, though it isnt really professional looking.

    would someone possibly be able to edit it in a way that looks formal and professional?

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to appeal for a train ticket fine I received on 6th of April 2006. I am currently living in Cessnock and I am a regular user of the city rail trains. At least once a week I get on at Morriset station, switch to the south line at Strathfield station, and then finally arrive at glenfield station. I always purchase a ticket when I travel, and since I save all my train tickets I can prove it. This is my first time receiving a fine.

    The day I received the fine, I was coming home from glenfield, and wanting to arrive at Morriset. The train I was on terminated at Wyong, so I had to switch trains so I could get to my destination. Since it takes just under 3 hours to make the trip from Strathfield to Wyong, it is quite easy to nod off and fall asleep, which I happened to do on this trip, I woke up and realized the train had already terminated at Wyong, then also realized it had been here for quite some time. My next train was due to depart very soon, I jumped up and ran across to the ticket machine, where I found 5 people lined up waiting to purchase a ticket. There was no way I could buy it in time, and I had to catch this train, as I had a job interview to go to in Newcastle. It was my first day at (company name?) where I was going to be trained for a telemarketing job. I quickly decided to catch the train anyway, and was going to purchase my ticket at my destination. This is when a city rail worker asked to check tickets. Unlucky for me my ticket was useless since it expired at Wyong station.

    Is it possible to revoke my fine, or reduce it

    Thank you

    Tony Smart
    thank you so much.

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    Re: Help writing a fine appeal

    I'd say there's too much narrative there. In the first paragraph, I'd keep it to the purpose- to appeal against the fine. I'd leave the stuff about your record of tickets till the end.

    In the second paragraph, you could cut some details out and change the order a bit. I'd satrt by saying that you were on your way to the first day's training at the company, to establish the importance of the journey, then say that you got the ticket for the first part, but couldn't get the ticket for the second part because you'd have missed the train and you had to get there. Then I'd round it off with informing them that you are a regular traveller on this route and have ticket stubs that will show that you are not a fare dodger, but someone who simply was desperate to get to work.

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    Re: Help writing a fine appeal

    I have also recently recieved a fine from cityrail and have legitimate reasons for appealing it. However on the fine notification there are no contact details, the website for public transport's only advice is to have your matter heard before a magistrate.

    Who and where you do you address and appeal letter to???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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