My name is Muhammad Fathudzikri Aulia, Iím the youngest of 4 children. I am 18 years old. My father is a businessman in agriculture and Export Trader while my mother is[i-[1] a professor in Bogor Agricultural University. My Oldest sister was[i-[2] a doctor, graduated from Padjajaran University, Bandung. My 2nd Sister was[i-[3] studying Landscape Architecture, but now is participating in an exchange program scholarship by JASSO in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology). My older brother was[i-[4] studying in[i-[5] Agriculture Industrial Engineering in Bogor Agricultural University. And as for me, I have been educated for 14 years in Islamic institutions, since kindergarten until senior high school. I am used to be separated from my parents because I studied in Albayan Islamic Boarding School when I was in Senior High School.[i-[6] I spent my senior high school studying at Albayan Islamic Boarding School. There, I lived in dormitory so I used to live by myself.

I firstly know International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) from my cousin who studied at Management Department in IIUM now. I also have relatives in IIUM, one is in Economic Department[i-[7] and the other is a professor in Kuliyyah of Engineering. Then my curiosity about IIUM came up and I want to know more about IIUM. I start searching IIUM through the internet so I found IIUMís website. I read and saw the programs offered, the gallery, as well as some IIUM majorís prospectus and I really interested to study there.
Finally, in November 2013, exactly 7 months ago, I decided to go to see IIUM with my own eyes accompanied by my Father. For one day, I was experiencing being a student at IIUM Gombak Campus. I saw the wonderful campus building from the outside and the inside, comfortable dormitories[i-[8] , the adequate facilities and I am really getting interested. Seeing by myself made me sure and confident that this is the campus I want to enroll in to continue my study, and I am really motivated.
I see if I go in IIUM I will be able to :
1 ) deeply studying the field that I want to develop,
2 ) obtain a conducive and balance environment between world matters and hereafter matters,
3 ) practice and developing my language skills: English and Arabic ,
4 ) expand my network and Muslims brotherhood from various countries around the world.

Therefore, I am sure and confident in applying for IIUMís enrollment. I really hope I would have the chance to realizing my dream. May Allah SWT allow me to study at IIUM. Amen.
please help me make it correct i have to write it to the university, i will go to study in malaysia or if u have any idea please reply. I get confused for a title of the essay too, whats good for me? it just "introduction myself?" please respond, i am in hurry.