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    Come and Go

    I don't want to start up this argument again, but I'm finding that threads are closed when I'm away and there are points that are important that haven't been made. (So, I hope the moderators will indulge me).
    I'm speaking in favour of 'come', but I'm not dealing with 'go' - which may or may not be the better choice in any example. The new content is that 'come/go' can be 'listener-centric' as well as 'speaker-centric'.

    Whether 'come' or 'go' are correct depends on more than where you are and where you are going. It also depends on who you are speaking to, and where they are.
    Come” is logically correct, in “I'm coming to London to see you” (I'm not in London; you are), but not in “I'm coming to London to see my sister.” (I'm not in London, and nor are you). When you are in London and I am not, “I'm coming to London to see my sister), 'come' is still acceptable (ie. not wrong).

    The reason that 'come' is correct is that you are putting yourself in the position of the person being spoken to.
    More explanation here:

    If I want to visit my sister, I might phone and say, “Can I come and visit you?” If I said, “Can I go to visit you?” I would expect in reply “Where do you want to go? I'm at home.”

    Note: Come is used to show movement toward or in the direction of the speaker or the person being spoken to:” (My emphasis)

    We use come to talk about movements to the place where the speaker or the listener is.
    John, will you come here.’ ‘I’m coming.’ (NOT I am going.) (Here we are talking about movement to the place where the speaker / listener is.)” (My emphasis)

    This YouTube video is almost too basic, but some readers might find it useful. It's an opinion based on the “listener-centric” use of 'come/go”

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    Re: Come and Go

    I agree with you. I brought up the same point in one of the closed threads. It is an important concept in choosing "come" or "go".

    Husband (at work) calls wife:

    Honey, I am coming home now. (wife is at home)
    Honey , I am going home now. (wife is at work)


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