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    Creating resume, please assist with grammar/punctuation. (especially coma usage)

    NOT COMPLETE, in progress.....

    I am now an associate on Home Depot's overnight, traveling Merchandising Execution Team. As a member of Home Depot's MET team, I am held accountable for maintaining my ability to travel between six Central Arkansas stores; each of which we rotate through every few nights. At each of our stores we are responsible for individually, or as it pertains a small team, executing and maintaining various product sets in several different departments. Our projects vary anywhere from simply cleaning and straightening up an assigned area; all the way to completely resetting an entire aisle to a whole new planogram. This means my team, and I, are regularly held responsible for efficiently following various directives, under minimal supervision, and accurately completing every project in a courteous; and equally a timely manner. Ultimately though, our overall goal is always creating and maintaining the company's desired image; each visually and shoppably. Keeping this goal in mind can, and will, continually improve our customer's experiences; therefore allowing our main three goals; an outstanding visually appearance, ever-improving inventory turns, and most importantly; the most notable guest shopping experience available.
    Last edited by caseydf92; 21-Jun-2014 at 13:16. Reason: updated, still in progress..... please advise!!!!

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