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    Facebook friends

    We became friends. [correct]

    We became Facebook friends. <- I'm not sure about this sentence. Facebook isn't an adjective to describe friends. As far as I know it is a proper noun.

    Isn't this more correct?:
    We became friends on Facebook.

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    Re: Facebook friends

    It's fine, Zoltan. The noun 'Facebook' is used attributively to modify another noun in the same way as an adjective does.

    Compare 'police station', 'school entrance', 'car door', 'Google search', 'Mercedes saloon' etc.

    I changed your title, Not sure about spelling (S-V-O sentence), as it had nothing to do with your question.

    ('We became friends on Facebook' is fine, too.)

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    Re: Facebook friends

    Quote Originally Posted by zoltankr View Post
    Facebook isn't an adjective to describe friends.
    It is now. Ten years ago, people were saying that email had to be uncountable like mail. I haven't heard anyone saying that I got ten emails is wrong for many years. Nouns can become adjectives and technology is an area that needs to adapts quickly to changes, so words have to be very adaptable to cope- we need a quick and easy way to describe someone who is a friend on Facebook, and Facebook friend is shorter, quicker and more to the point that the alternative.

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