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    Question when i should use ( a ) and ( an ) in asentence ?

    I want to know when I should use them ( an , a ) please ??

    ...... union

    (an )

    here the correct answer is (a)
    I want to know why ?????



    (an )

    the correct answer is ( a )
    I want to know why ??

    for your information from this site ( I took these question

    and thank you ...,

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    Re: when i should use ( a ) and ( an ) in asentence ?

    The rule for "a" or "an" is based on the sound of the first syllable in the noun (not the spelling).

    With both "union" and "European" the first sound is the consonant "Y", so the correct article is "a". "An" is used when the first sound is a vowel sound.

    This can be confusing when different dialects or varieties of English pronounce a word differently.

    For example "herb" has a silent "h" in AmE, so we say "an herb". In BrE, the "h" is voiced, so they say "a herb". But if you stick to the initial sound, you will always get it right.
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