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    Unhappy with whom - doesn't make sense grammatically?

    Hey guys,

    So I am very confused about the preposition + relative pronoun construction. Although in modern times grammarians accept having preposition at the end of the relative clause, some people still prefer prefer having it before the relative pronoun. My question is: why is that grammatical acceptable? I can see how it would work for a sentence like:

    The woman I fell in love with was beautiful.

    But how is the same meaning conveyed with this modified sentence where the prepositon + relative pronoun construction is utilized.

    The woman with whom I fell in love was beautiful.

    I am having a hard time understanding this sentence grammatically the way it is. When I read 'whom I fell in love' phrase, doesn't that just refer the woman herself? As a result, I have a hard time understanding the sentence because I will then read it as "The woman with woman was beautiful."

    Thanks guys,


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    Re: with whom - doesn't make sense grammatically?

    The woman with woman was beautiful.
    It isn't this. It does refer to the woman, but you fell in love with her. The two parts would be something like:
    I fell in love with a woman. The woman was beautiful.

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