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  1. Ana Laura

    differences in meaning?


    I have 4 words:


    I know they have similar meanings but I would like to know if in this sentence I can replace the word "equivalent" with the others I mentioned before:

    "I find that 20 minutes' meditation is equivalent to a night's sleep and that keeps me going"

    if I can't, I would like to know why.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: differences in meaning?

    Hi Ana Laura,

    I should go for "compatible". Because you say that 20 min of meditation is equal to a night's sleep. You don't litterly say that they are equal to each other. You say that when you compare 20 minutes of meditation it has the same result as a one night's sleep. That's why I think "compatible" is a correct alternative.

    Kind regards

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    Re: differences in meaning?

    Hello Ana Laura

    Unfortunately those words don't work, in your context. You want to compare the effect of X with the effect of Y. But:

    1. "proportional to" doesn't express a comparison of effects.
    2. "alike to" is unidiomatic.
    3. "compatible with" doesn't present a comparison: it suggests that meditation won't prevent a good night's sleep.


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