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The choice to downshift in career is becoming increasing popular. Some believe that this will lead to a negative implications for society. What is your opinion?

Certainly the decision to change an occupations for any job that is less stressful is a phenomenon which is rising in popularity. It has been suggested that it may have negative effects on our society.
I tend to disagree and will elaborate below.

Admittedly, downshifting could be risky because the jobs which involve difficult and long term training are numerous. For example, jobs such as doctor and engineer need years of study and preparation before being ready to work. In addition, to succeed in a key job and get experience takes time and money which are often provided by states and companies. If all professionals choose to downshift in them jobs our society will not be able to give service like welfare and transportation because there will not be enough doctors and engineers in hospitals and construction sites.

Nevertheless, I feel there more positive outcomes to this development. Choosing an easy-going job allows people to be gratified and happy producing a high quality of work. For example, a barista, proud of his job, will make a delicious coffee or an artist will be more inspired to draw a wonderful picture. In addition, the people who are satisfied with their job have a good attitude and approach which would affects other people in a positive way. If a barista make a tasty cappuccino for an accountant, he will face the day in a better way and maybe help someone else.

In conclusion, even if the choice to downshift would cause a loss of key roles for the equilibrium of main public service, I think that a controlled spread of this trend could improve the quality of our society.