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    Foreign Discussion

    We all know that cheating is becomingmore and more rampant. We have already talked about so many problems ofcheating in China,so in a foreign country, how to guarantee the test order in some importanttests? Now, I will give some examples of other countries. First talk to South America. In Argentina, high-tech cheating israre, but there is still a cheating. The qualifications of cheaters will becancelled and the serious behavior must bear legal liability. In Australiaístranslation exam, students can bring an electronic dictionary which has noconnection with network. But they cannot pass on a piece of paper or talk toeach other during the examination. If caught, people who were found to cheat inthe exam need to reconstruct the course. Next, letís take a look at Europe, educational level in British university is secondto none in the West .Usually, invigilation in the exam is very strict. Althoughthe examination venues are picked at random, fraud will be recorded.You may goto the toilet during the examination,but you cannot cheat.Last in Germany, if oneis caught cheating, his or her qualification of examination will be cancelled.We can draw a conclusion that anyone who cheats in the examination in anycountry has to face the music.

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    Re: Foreign Discussion

    Your conclusion is invalid. It is not the person who cheats who has to face the music; it is the person who is caught cheating.

    By the way, if you cut and paste onto this site, you need to make sure the editor doesn't turn your paragraph into a dog's breakfast by removing spaces, which it has done here.

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