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    Saint Francis of Assisi's quote

    I couldn't find the English version of this quote on the internet.
    Would you be so kind as to give me an internet address or, if there is not such address,
    an accurate translation of this phrase into English:
    «Yo para vivir necesito poco y lo poco que necesito, lo necesito poco.» San Francisco de Asis.

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    Re: Saint Francis of Assisi's quote

    This is partly a guess, but could it mean:
    "I need little to live, and the little that I need, of that I need only a little." ie:
    "I only need a few things to live, and of those few things, I only need a little."
    It doesn't translate well word for word, but is that how you interpret the Spanish?

    PS: Here, the quote is given in Italian:
    "Necessito poco e il poco che necessito, lo necessito poco."

    This is closer to what I think it means:
    “Yo necessito pocas cosas y las pocas cosas que necessito, las necessito poco.”

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