Good afternoon,

I have written a letter/bio, but I feel that I need your help, because my grammar makes me cry. Could you correct this letter if there is any mistake?!

' V.S. is a young freelance artist who is currently studying towards a BA in Visual Arts at Salford University in Manchester. Artist was born in Russian-speaking family near Baltic Sea in Riga, Latvia where she successfully completed high school but unfortunately has never finished her Chemical Tech course in Riga Technical University. She was looking for creativity and freedom; she was looking for a special place in her life where an idea might become an extremely explosive substance. Eventually she has found her own place in Manchester, which literally changed her life. She is specializing in oil painting, photography and post production as well as in installation and sculpture. Her technique is strong and dramatic, especially when she is painting figures or portraits using palette knife and thick layer of oil paint. However the artist is interested not only in extraordinary portraits but in abstract landscapes and seascapes too. V. has exhibited her artworks along with other artists from her art course at the Bankley Gallery & Studios in Manchester and has also held an anonymous 'street art' exhibition 'The Unexpected Art Exhibition' in Riga Old Town, Latvia. Historic buildings, spacious squares, narrow and romantic streets have been decorated with 6 abstract seascapes. The purpose of this act was to prove that oil painting could be considered as part of street art. It was fun. It was unforgettable. '

A big thank you to you all!