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    erman artist HA Schult is an example of a contemporary artist who

    German artist HA Schult is an example of a contemporary artist who makes use of trash on a grand scale. “We are living in the time of garbage,” says Schult. “I created a thousand sculptures of garbage. They are a mirror of ourselves.” Here, Schult is referring to his 1,000 trash people, humanoids he has created from trash. He first exhibited them in 1996 in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The figures triggered such an overwhelmingly positive response that he decided to take them on tour. “It is a social sculpture,” he explains. “ It is not only a sculpture for the eyes. It’s a sculpture to spread the idea that we live in a time of garbage.” So far, Schult’s social sculpture has been displayed n Paris, Moscow’s Red Square, On the Great Wall of China, and in the desert next to the Giza pyramids near Cairo.
    HA Schult’s work is unforgettable. Somehow its impact stays engraved in your mind. Yet, despite the influence his work has had on the art world, Schult remains humble about his installations. “ Artists have to learn every time; that is their profession. We are not important. All that is important is the time in which we are living.”
    Trash art has been around for years, and it seems to make a comeback from time to time. But it seems that only the more eccentric or popular artists are viewed as true artists when working with items normally discarded in the trash pile. Why can’t average people be considered artists when they pull the same items out and mold them into some form of personal art of their own creating? Maybe it’s because we all have our own pre-set ideas of what art is and isn’t, or who artists are or should be.
    Take metal cans, for instance, and imagine them in any number of uses, functional or purely as an art form. Can your eyes and mind see the potential metal case, bird feeder, or other object in the simple cast off items? What about boxes or clothing? What might be done with these? Boxes can usually serve as new storage containers, and almost, always serve as very imaginative forts for the kids, not to mention makeshift shelters for pets. And clothing? Imagine taking old clothes and turning them into vests, hats, hanging organizers, or rag rugs. Theo only limit to using these items in other ways is one’s individual creativity and daringness to try.

    The paragraph preceding the passage most probably discusses …… .
    1. a brief history of German art
    2. how to dispose of trash
    3. the amount of trash in the world
    4. something about modern artists

    These kinds of tests is difficult. Would you please tell me how I can deal with them.
    Here I would chose No.3

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    Re: erman artist HA Schult is an example of a contemporary artist who

    I would choose 4. This piece is about art, not trash in the world.

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