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    Cooking is the way food is prepared for eating.

    Cooking is the way food is prepared for eating. There are several reasons for cooking food. When food is heated, chemical changes take place which make some food easier to eat and digest. We also think of cooking as making food taste better, but that is often because we are used to
    certain foods being cooked and do not like the idea of eating them raw. Also, when food is cooked it is often mixed with other food to give it a different flavour or appearance.
    Another reason for cooking food is to preserve it. Heat kills, or delays the action of, certain bacteria and parasites that may be in the food. This may also be done in other ways, such as drying, smoking, freezing, or pickling. The term "cooking" can include all these processes and
    also the preparation of raw food for eating.
    Cooking is not only done out of necessity. Many people who cook for themselves, their families or friends, as well as those who cook for a living, do it for pleasure. Although cooking is a science, it is also a form of art, and part of the art of cooking is presenting the food so that
    it looks good to eat. The Scottish writer, James Boswell, defined man as a "Cooking Animal". "No beast can cook," he said. "Man alone can prepare a good dish; and every man whatever is more or less a cook, in preparing what he himself eats".
    Each country has its own traditional ways of cooking based on among other things, the food available, the people who have lived there at different periods of history, the climate, and the religions and customs practiced there.

    All of the following are mentioned as reasons for cooking food EXCEPT that cooking
    1) is a way through which some people earn money
    2) enables people to keep food for a longer time
    3) changes harmful bacteria into useful ones
    4) helps improve the taste of food

    I would say that there is no mention of #3 in the passage. But I didn't find #1 too. Which of them is the correct answer here?

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    Re: Cooking is the way food is prepared for eating.

    3) is the correct answer. 1) is indicated here: " well as those who cook for a living..."

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