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Thread: past tense

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    past tense

    I read that rewound is the past tense of rewind, Is rewinded possible? also for broadcast, I read it's broadcast..Can't it be broadcasted?how about forbid? Thanks.

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    Re: past tense

    "Rewinded" is not possible; it must be "rewound". "Broadcasted" is possible, but it's better to use "broadcast" for the past tense.

    The past tense of "forbid" is "forbade" ("forbad" is also possible), and the past participle is "forbidden".

    These are all examples of irregular verbs. They are "irregular" because they don't follow the normal pattern. Over time, more and more irregular verbs are becoming regular -- for example, the past tense of "learn" is either "learnt" (the older, irregular form) or "learned" (the newer, regular form), but this hasn't happened to every verb. Many of them -- including "wind" (and "rewind") and "forbid" -- are still irregular.

    Mosr English verbs are regular, but unfortunately the verbs you use most often are usually irregular.

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