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  1. Unregistered Lina

    Smile self-introduction

    I'd like to ask about self-introduction.
    I heard that 'My name is da-da-da.' is not used often when someone introduces himself to person he meets first time. Is 'I am da-da-da.' popular way? Or is there another one?
    Would you give me some examples you often use?
    Thank you.

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: self-introduction

    you can either shake hand and say: (Matilda. nice to meet you.)
    it is not necessary to say ( I am) or (My name is). english doesn't force us to limit ourselves. you are free to use whatever you think is correct.

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    Re: self-introduction

    Hello Lina

    I would probably say:

    "Hello, I'm MrPedantic"; then shake hands.


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