Hey guys,

I need to write an english letter of motivation but my first language is German. There might be some mistakes is it. I would be so grateful if you post any changes which should be made or and other tips.
Thanks! :)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Application for the Bachelor programme Media and Communication Design at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich

I am hereby applying for your Bachelor programme Media and Communication Design at the Campus in Munich. In the following I would like to illustrate my motivation in detail.

Since January 2014 I am working as a trainee in an advertising agency. My daily tasks consist of assisting my supervisors in creating the CD for new clients. I am also in charge of recreating graphics for company magazines and newsletters. One of my favourite job was the creation and design of the title for a newsletter of a large consulting company.

I want to get through the programme in English because I am interested in the language and I think it is highly important to have the ability of speaking and understanding the worldís most spoken language. In 2011 I finished my training as an state qualified foreign-language correspondent at the vocational college of foreign languages in Munich.

Furthermore I am delighted by your offer to do one semester abroad. That is an unique opportunity to really get to know university life in another country or even on another continent. There you have the chance to see new cultures and meet new people who have the same interests.

As I have already gained some language experience as well as experience with the work in an advertising agency I am well suited for your course in Media and Communication Design at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.

If you have any further questions I will be at your disposal at any time.