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    behavior responses or patterns

    Most positive emotions are associated with approach behaviour: we move closer to people we like. Most negative emotions, in contrast, are associated with avoidance behaviour: we move away from people and things that we dislike or that make us anxious. But anger is an exception to this pattern. The angrier we are, the more likely we are to move towards the object of our anger. This corresponds to what psychologists refer to as offensive anger: the angry person moves closer in order to influence and control the person or situation causing his anger. This approach-and-confront behaviour is accompanied by a leftward prefrontal asymmetry of EEG activity. Interestingly, this asymmetry lessens if the angry person can experience empathy towards the individual who is bringing forth the angry response. In defensive anger, in contrast, the EEG asymmetry is directed to the right and the angry person feels helpless in the face of the anger-inspiring situation.

    What is the key message of this paragraph?

    A. Behavior responses to anger.

    B. Behavior patterns of anger

    I cannot tell the difference according to the passage.

    Can any native teacher help me to sort them out?



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    Re: behavior responses or patterns

    Neither A nor B is a message. If I were forced to choose, I'd say B, because it describes the angry person's behaviour (the behvioural patterns of anger, or angry people). On the other hand, that is also a behavioural response of the angry person to his/her own anger. So, it's both. But neither is a key message.

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