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    Have to go + some bare infinitive

    Hello everyone!
    If I say, for instance, something like "You have to go take out your laundry...", then what role will the "go take out" be playing in the sentence? As a command or something else? And if the former then what is the point to let someone know that something should be done by two different ways in one sentence?

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    Re: Have to go + some bare infinitive

    Hello, Denisius:

    Since no one else has answered so far, may I start the discussion?

    Your question greatly interested me, so I checked my books and am delighted to share the results.


    1. Yes, you are correct: Some books say that there are two IMPERATIVES (commands). In your sentence, they are "go" and "take out."

    a. In informal English, this is very common.

    i. One book gives this sentence: Go and fetch some water.

    (a) In American English, the "and" is often left out: Go fetch some water.


    2. There is another explanation that is more difficult.

    a. This explanation would analyze your sentence this way:

    i. "Go" is the imperative (command).
    ii. "Take out" is the PURPOSE. That is, it is WHY the speaker wanted you to GO.

    (a) In other words, the sentence actually means "GO to take out the laundry."

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    Re: Have to go + some bare infinitive

    Nothing has changed since you've been away, James. There is still no need to ask for permission to "start the discussion". Someone has to be the first person to respond to a question. It just happened to be you this time.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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