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    thesis abstract


    Would anyone be so kind and check the abstract of my thesis? Here it is:

    "The purpose of the study is to analyse Spanish informal language based on the Ponte a prueba listenersí conversations broadcast on the radio Europa FM. It characterises the spoken version of colloquial language marked by emotionality, expressiveness, spontaneity and usage of schematic phrases. It discusses the most common words and phrases, which often serve as prothesis or exclamatory figures of speech. It analyses different forms of exclamations together with the emotions they convey and also diminutives, augmentatives and profanities, explaining how they change the nature or undertone of the speech and what is the speaker's attitude towards the message reflected by these figures of speech."

    Thanks for any comments

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    Re: thesis abstract

    The aim of this study is to analyse vernacular Spanish from listeners’ conversations broadcast by radio on Europa FM's Ponte a prueba. The study characterises the colloquial language, which is marked by the affective, expression, spontaneity and the usage of idiotisms. It then discusses a number of the commonest words and phrases, and observes that they often serve as protheses or exclamatory figures of speech. Finally it analyses different forms of exclamation, together with the phoric content they convey, as well as diminutives, augmentatives and profanities, attempting to explain how such utterances change the nature or subtext of the enunciation, and reflect the speaker's attitude towards the meanings containd in the figures of speech.

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