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    Dear teachers,

    Could you advise whether the contents of the letter are appropriate or serve the purpose?

    Dear Sir,
    As I earlier requested for a full time assistant for us but till date no one has been appointed and other hand our roles and responsibilities increasing day by day.

    sorry, but i can't take more responsibilities without as assistant.

    May I remind you again if you could appoint a full time assistant for us which will help us to reduce the work pressure.

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    Re: Assistant

    I assume you know the name of your boss or the person from whom you are requesting this assistance. I suggest you use their name in the letter.

    Dear Mr XXXX

    On [date], I requested that a full-time assistant be appointed to our department to help reduce the work pressure. My department will be unable to take on any more responsibilities until an assistant is provided.

    Please advise as a matter of urgency if an assistant will be appointed and, if so, when.

    Thank you.

    [Your name]
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