Greetings Sir !

I would like to request you to please grant my son ___________an exemption to this trip on the following grounds:

1) _________ was born in UAE and has been used to the extreme hot weather. He is susceptible to Cold and Cough followed by very high fever in cold weather. He is just adapting to the monsoon in India and the climate of Bangalore and we don't want him to be exposed to the further cold weather in Ooty.

2) ________ has been / is under the weather for the last 2-3 days, he has not been very comfortable with his dorm mates and if he can be away from them for a few days it would be much better.

3) I have too many financial commitments to cater to and I dont want to add up the cost of this trip / I have incurred huge expenses in my recent trip to India which includes the loss of pay, School annual fees, uniforms and books etc., cost of maintenance of our apartment and lastly the purchase of other household appliances as my wife has decided to stay back in Bangalore and I cant really afford to add up the cost of this trip.

I would be grateful if you could exempt him considering the above genuine valid reasons.

Thanks & Best Regards
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