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    key ideas

    Can you please help me to express the following ideas more naturally in English?

    1. The key ideas/or concepts are too broadly explaind/or described. They ( the key ides) appear to be a list of subtitles which give a broad overview of a certain idea.( commnets on the key ideas students have chosen before they start writing an essay)

    2. Explanation on the use of key ideas are too general. It does not explain exactly where or how the key ideas will be used in an essay.

    3. The overall essay structure lacks logical connection. ( comments on the essay outline)

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    Re: key ideas

    I'll try. How about:

    1. The key ideas are too broadly explained. They need to be more focused.

    2. Explanation of the use of key ideas is too general. It needs to be more specific.

    3. The overall essay lacks coherent structure. (It lacks clarity.)

    What do you think?

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