Dear teachers,

Could you advise whether the contents of the letter are appropriate or serve the purpose?
Dear Sir,

This is regarding discussion with Mr. John about my new job offer of 18000 from one of company, I would like to follow if there is any decision has been taken.

Sir, I also would like to inform you that market is growing comapanies are giving good offer to Sr. Electrical Engineer, in 2008 our company was paying 18000 AED to Sr. Electrical Engineer if I am asking after 8 years same salary i belive this is a reasonable.

My rent has been increased upto 25% compare to my salary only 10%, I am planning to bring my faimlay, it is very difficult to survice with this salary.

Sir, if you will compare some Sr. Electrical Engineer who is site based it might have they will be getting less than this but I am not site based Electrical Engineer, I am looking multiple projects without any assistant. Based on this I would like to request you to please review my salary as per market situation.