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    finacial aid appeal

    Dear Financial Aid Office,

    My name is xxxx, I am writing to respectfully request consideration for appeal of my financial aid for the fall term 2014-15. I was a dual enrollment student in 2011, I took student success as my first class I passed with a C. The reason I did not meet the completion rate was because I registered for philosophy witch I attended twice, but I dropped the class because it was too much for me I was in school had a part time job and I wasnít doing so well in my classes, I did not want fail the philosophy class so I thought it was better to drop out. I was attending the east campus because thatís where my high school registered me; it was a far drive for my mom to take me. I didnít know if I was able to transfer to west campus, so do to it all I dropped the class, I did not know that would affect my finical aid. When I finished high school in 2012 I attended xxxxx and majored in medical assistant with basic x-ray , I had a tutor which he advised me that I have a learning disability I got tested for it and I have ADD (Attention deficit disorder) I am taking medication for it.

    Despite the difficulties I experienced, I will like to attend xxxx to get my nursing degree. I will not drop out of classes as you can see in my college transcript I completed all my classes and graduated. I will get a tutor if I am having trouble in classes. I will contact my instructor if there is something I do not understand or if I have any doubts or questions about any course materials and communicate with all of my instructors. Dropping out of philosophy does not reflect my capability and determination to succeed and reach my academic goals.

    I hope you will take these details into consideration as you review my financial aid application for this year. Please know that I am extremely focused on my future and my dedication to my education is paramount. Please allow me a second chance to prove that I can be a model student and achieve academic excellence.



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    Re: finacial aid appeal

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