As we know, India’s economy is the tenth largest in the world. However, ten millions of bonded workers are working and living poorly in India. Some of the labourers that worked for making bricks on the outskirts of the biggest city in India (“Hyderabad”) were treated with extreme violence and their limbs was cut since they choose to escape from the contractor. In order to achieve the job matching purpose, the contractor find job for someone and charge a fee that they will repay the said charge by working. However, their wage is too to low or even they have to spend their whole life for repayment. They were scammed by the neighborhood to work in brick kiln and supposed to get it up front. In fact, they got nothing from contractor and be forced by the his henchmen to start working in Kiln. They tried to slip away from the guidance. Unfortunately, they were caught and brought back to the contractor’s house and held in captivity as hostage.

After that, the contractor demanded a payment of 20,000 rupee from the family but they were unable to raise the capital for such release. The kidnapper and his five followers drove them to a remote forest. Then, the victims were beaten and finally be made to be kneeled and mutilated. In order to survive in such predicament, their survival instinct took over and they followed the steam to a village where they were able to bind their wounds and covered with plastic bags so that they could seek for medical treatment in hospital from the nearby town.

Finally, he has joined a 2 years-program that is organised by non-profit origanisation with the name of International Justice Mission for rehabilitation. In that program, more than 150 victims at a counseling session encounter with the same incident. All of them were freed from bonded labour in the past few months.