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    What is this tool called? A special simile?

    Hi. I'm trying to find out some information about a literary tool. I've seen it several times and every time I've wondered about its use and how it seems flowery, and unnecessary. I know much of literary English IS flowery and unnecessary, but I just wondered if this thing had a name. It's usually attached to a simile like this:

    "and the people fell from the building like so many falling leaves"
    "the crowd dispersed like so many scattering insects"

    I've just made up those examples, but I hope you've seen similar. My question is about the use of the 'so many' part of the simile and how it would mean the exact same thing on its own without the 'so many'.

    I have made attempts to search for this, but never got a good answer.

    I know this seems trivial, but I'd be grateful for any insight into this or help.


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    Re: What is this tool called? A special simile?

    I don't know of a term- it seems to me that this is just a simile with an element of size/number added.

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