A) Please let me have the specifics as soon as possible.
B) It's very frustrating when a minor technicality puts a stop to yours plans.
C) You should include full details of your past experience.
E) Once you have an outline, you will discover that your work is easier to organize.
F) It illustrates his preference for increased automation.
G) The new library shows a good example of British architecture at its best.

As I said before, nowadays, I am doing self-study. There is an exercise of my IELTS book; "Write a list of words and expressions in bold above. Put them into two groups based on whether they are general or specific things. Try to give examples of each word in a sentence of your own.". Here I have written only fewer of them for your convenience. I need a bit of help from you to find the general and specific things. I will do the rest of the tasks myself. Will you help me?

Thanks in advance.