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    In my fanatical attempt to learn philosophy it seems we only have words to use. Yet philosophers will immediately question language (English) in what you say,the words you use and how you used them to aks a question about philosophy. If there is another way to communicate with these people without using words, be it English,Chinese or whatever other than math I do not know what it is.

    They the people who study and use it make it extremely complex in all avenues of trying to make sense of it. They cannot even agree with the definition of the word itself. Any philosophers out there that speak basic philosophy? I am seriously thinking of taking Psychology one as a prelude to studying philosophy. Thanks for listening. [email protected]

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    hello everybody, Im Eduardo and Im from Mexico City, m an English Teacher and lawyear, I concider Philosophy of language is quite important if we really want to communicate worldwide

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    Re: Language&Philosophy

    Philosophy of language? Interesting thought. Wisdom in communicating I think. But when you talk to philosophers you never get a straight answer. I painstaking try to make the question or statement basic as possibe as not to be misunderstood, but then I get multiple answers. I love basic English (its my native tongue). have I gone to far to try to understand philosophy...with words instead of mathematics maybe.

    I get disgusted just trying to communicate with these people. Why do they make communicating so complicated especially in their native tongue,English? pljames

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    Re: Language&Philosophy

    Very often, people who make things complicated are trying to hide the weakness of the thinking behind all the big words.

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    Re: Language&Philosophy

    In my attempt to understand philosophy I have failed. It seems that they will not even try to understand English as a means to make a point. They define everything as a concept. My augument is in your mind a idea can also be a word.

    I love and adore the English language, the part I understand is the only way I can communicate especially with words. I wish to be understood using basic and simple words. They cannot grasp them.
    I thank all of you who reads and understands what I write and read in this forum.

    Thank you all for your patience and support with me especially Tdol.
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