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    Post help me, please!

    Do you understand the sentence made by me:

    "I must get up earlier than ever"

    The sentence had been corrected without some explanation. I mean that I must get up earlier than I always do. What's wrong in the sentence?

  1. rewboss's Avatar

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    Re: help me, please!

    "Earlier than ever" means "the earliest I have ever got up in my entire life". Grammatically, it's fine, but it isn't exactly what you meant. I would have written, "I must get up earlier than usual".

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: help me, please!

    than ever means the earliest time i've ever got up. may be you always get up at 7 in the morning. so 6 will be the earliest. but in my opinion, it is exageration, and a little odd. you can say:i wanna get up very early. or earlier that other days. but i've never heard anyone using this form.


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